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Rebecca Hall’s ‘The Night House’ Trailer Dropped and it Looks Amazing

The Night House Trailer
The Night House Trailer

Rebecca Hall is one of the most underrated actors in the industry. She has costarred in the critically acclaimed “The Prestige” and “The Town” as well as blockbusters with Marvel‘s “Iron Man 3”. However, her best work came in 2016’s “Christine,” which premiered at Sundance. Now, Hall is back with another Sundance standout, “The Night House.”

Directed by David Bruckner, “The Night House” originally premiered at Sundance in January of 2020. However, due to the pandemic it struggled to find a release date. Now, Searchlight Pictures (formerly Fox Searchlight) has released the first official trailer for the film.

“The Night House” trailer looks great. Rebecca Hall completely dominates her time on screen, for most of which she is the only character. I would be completely on board following Beth (Hall) attempt to investigate her late husband’s secretive blueprints for two hours. However, as Beth approaches a hidden house that is exactly the same as her’s but reversed, director David Bruckner perfectly reveals in a whip pan a second Beth. At, what I assume is the mid-point twist, Beth must now make sense of some sort of horror filled alternated reality.

In addition to the trailer, Searchlight announced earlier this year that “The Night House” will hit theaters on July 16. Through its Sundance premiere, “The Night House” currently has overwhelmingly positive reviews and stands strong with an 88% on Rotten Tomatoes.

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