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Reddit Solves Mystery of Movie Reel Found On Sunken WWII German Battleship

Reddit Lost German Battleship Film
Seven Years Good Luck

On Friday, Redditor Don_Rumata_Estorsky posted to the r/Movies subreddit requesting help. He and his colleagues had found a badly damaged reel of film on a sunken WWII German battleship and was hoping the community could sleuth out the title of the film.

The celluloid had been underwater for some 70 years and could hardly be made out. However, there were just enough fragments of recognizable film to hopefully develop some leads. Well, it took just 72 hours for the collective minds of Reddit to deliver.

On Monday, user makz81 posted to the subreddit that the mystery had been solved.

“I checked the movie “Seven Years Good Luck” and I think it’s safe to say that this is the movie /u/Don_Rumata_Estorsky  and the museum searched for. I attached two screens from the movie in comparison to the recovered original pictures from the sunken ship as example,” makz81 says in his thrilling response post. “It’s a German comedy movie from 1942. A sequel to ‘Sieben Jahre Pech.'”

“I was able to contact a guy who has a whole collection of movies from this era. He sent me ‘Der Strom’ and ‘Sieben Jahre Glück’ and luckily the latter was the movie we searched for.”

The stills most notably show a man in a hat pointing at something, and sure enough, “Seven Years Good Luck” features the same imagery. According to makz81, here’s what all the fuss was about in the film: “Another famous actor Theo Lingen fell into the water while fishing, because a really big fish took the bait. They pointed between the fish and the men deciding what to do first: beat the fish or rescue the man with the stick. Classic German humor!”

To view the original post click HERE, and to view the subsequent post click HERE.

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