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Reddit Tries to Name Recent Movies That Will Be Classics In 25 Years, Fails

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Quick–off the top of your head–name some movies you’ve seen in the past few years that’ll be considered classics in 25 years. I’ll wait …

… not so easy, is it?

Sure, we can all name a handful of truly phenomenal flicks that we saw during our weekly outing to the movie theater in the B.P. Epoch (B.P. = Before Pandemic). But to label a film as CLASSIC denotes the timelessness of it, and none of us have crystal balls that can foretell how any film may withstand the true test of time.

For argument’s sake, let’s pick on a few of the more recent Best Picture winners from the Academy Awards: “Nomadland,” “Green Book,” and “Argo.” Think any of them will be regarded as classics 25 years from now? Nope! Worse, when was the last time you even thought about “Argo,” much less re-watched it? I’ll bet the last time you watched that film was the first and only time you saw it in theaters (again, during the B.P. Epoch) and the last time you thought about it was the night of the 85th Oscars when you were disappointed it won in the first place.

As for Reddit, well, Reddit is a special place full of overly-opinionated and overly-confident special people. The top comment in the thread is, “ITT redditors post their favorite movies without any regard for the actual question.” The second most upvoted comment is, “There are going to be a lot of disappointed people just by looking at some movies in this thread.”

Which, sure, on the internet we all dismiss everybody else as at least one order of magnitude dumber than we are. But don’t fall into that trap! The fact that the top two comments are simply dismissing everyone else’s potentially well thought out answers is Reddit in a nutshell!

As for ACTUAL answers submitted by those who may ACTUALLY be giving their best effort at responding to the question, the top 5 are “Parasite,” “Into the Spiderverse” “No Country for Old Men,” “Whiplash,” and “Arrival.”

Each of these films has a massively dedicated and well deserved fanbase. Of them, I’d guess that “Parasite” has the best chance and “Arrival” has the worst chance of actually being considered a classic 25 years from now.

If you happen to disagree, don’t fret! “Fast and Furious 9” is dropping next week and I’m sure we all agree it’ll be among the greatest cinematic achievements of the 21st Century!

To check out the full Reddit thread, click HERE.

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