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‘Renfield’ Adds Another Big Name To Exciting Cast

Awkwafina Renfield

This “Renfield” movie is really looking like something special now that it boasts Nicolas Hoult and newcomer Awkwafina alongside Nicholas Cage.

Originally a holdover of the failed dark universe franchise, the film has now picked up production with director Chris McKay. The film has gotten a lot of attention due its casting. I mean, Nicolas Cage as Dracula! Someone in the production has seen “Vampire’s Kiss” and the internet and I are in agreement that letting this man play Dracula is a gift to humanity. 

The film synopsis reads, “The film follows Dracula’s henchman and inmate at the lunatic asylum.” Nicolas Hoult is slated to play the eponymous role of Renfield. He’ll be joining Nicolas Cage alongside the newest surprise cast member, Awkwafina. 

The casting doesn’t just make for great headlines. The comedic take on the source material, along with adding a well known and funny actress, signals to us that this film is going to be unconventional to say the least. 

Now there’s no word as of yet on who Awkwafina is playing. Maybe she’s a fellow mental patient? Maybe she’s a wacky doctor? All we know for certain, is she will do that thing where she says how crazy the things going on are in a very literal manner and the audience will go, “Haha, she’s so right. This is nuts when you put it that way.” 

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