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Revisiting Childhood Memories By Touring ‘The Goonies’ Filming Locations

Metaflix has been doing a ton of work behind the scenes building out our merch store on Spreadshirt and integrating it with our YouTube channel and Facebook page.

One of our designs, Chester Copperpot Treasure Tours, honors one of the most beloved, wholesome films of all time, “The Goonies.”

Since I’ve been staring at this shirt all week, I thought it was only appropriate to make a post about the movie. Aside from that, longtime fans of the site are well aware of how much I love film location content, so why not combine the two?

According, we’ve got this awesome video presentation by Beyond the Backlot who traveled all the way to Astoria, Oregon, to visit all the famous filming locations featured throughout “The Goonies.” And yeah, superfan Curtis Templeton and crew are treated to some of the most Oregon coastal weather of all time. Check it out!

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