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Rian Johnson’s ‘Star Wars’ Trilogy Is Happening

Rian Johnson Star Wars Trilogy
Rian Johnson Star Wars Trilogy

Rian Johnson has confirmed in a recent interview that he will be directing a “Star Wars” trilogy. Johnson previously directed “Star Wars: The Last Jedi,” the second installment in the revamped Skywalker saga, a film remembered for its polarity among fans.

Johnson previously expressed interest in developing his own trilogy during the shooting of the “The Last Jedi.” The director apparently pitched Lucasfilm an idea for a new saga following brand new characters and a cohesive story over three movies and apparently the studio loved it.

However, then “The Last Jedi” debuted. The divisive fan reaction led many to believe Johnson was exiled from the far away galaxy and that the auteur was better served directing “Breaking Bad” episodes (“The Fly” is my favorite).

But this morning journalist Sariah Wilson tweeted that she had spoken to the director, and he confirmed his trilogy was still a go. Check out the Tweet below:

If Johnson is still sticking with his original pitch, “Star Wars” fans should be thrilled. The director stated that he wanted to plan out the trilogy’s entire story before production began on the first film and follow the same characters throughout all three films. This emphasis on cohesion is something the contemporary Skywalker saga certainly lacked, in part to the revolving door of directors working on the series. Hopefully Johnson’s singular vision breathes new life into, in my opinion, a tired universe. Maybe then my 11 year old cousin will shut up about Kylo Ren’s wack lightsaber.

Johnson has certainly kept busy despite the “Star Wars” rumors. In 2019, wrote and directed “Knives Out,” the Oscar nominated mystery featuring Daniel Craig as Detective Blanc and Chris Evans’ sweater as the only piece of fabric that’s questioned my own sexuality. A sequel to “Knives Out” is already in development and it’s possible it’ll come out before Johnson’s “Star Wars” trilogy even begins production.

Who knows what Johnson will produce next. Maybe we’ll get a sequel to his first feature, “Brick.” Or maybe he’ll direct a couple episodes of “Better Call Saul.” Regardless, the man is undoubtedly a talented filmmaker, and I for one am excited for whatever he chooses to release.

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