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Robert Pattinson Refused to Buff Up for ‘The Batman’

Warner Bros.

Robert Pattinson revealed in an interview with Insider that he refused to workout for his titular role in “The Batman.”

The caped crusader without a six pack? I must be dreaming. In the history of the character’s onscreen lifetime, each portrayal has made sure to upkeep the martial artist’s physique.

Robert Pattinson claims he’s unwilling to put on muscle for the role, which, when receiving a four million dollar check, seems like an easy ask.

For some context, previous depictions of Batman went through rigorous training. Christian Bale, for example, put on almost 100 pounds of muscle for “The Dark Knight” series. And that was in the span of just six months.

Ben Affleck gained 30 pounds of muscle for his Batman, and Michael Keaton also trained for six months to achieve a muscular look.

Robert Pattinson, however, chose to openly ignore the workout regimen given to him by Warner Bros. The actor’s disdain for a hyper-masculine goes back to his Twilight days where he was constantly told to workout to maintain a figure that would match Taylor Lautner’s.

The actor got away with ignoring the studio’s request back then and went on to defend his decision. Pattinson claimed, “James Dean was never ripped and people still love him.”

This refusal to gain muscle mass caused issues with director Matt Reeves. The director claimed Pattinson was “too skinny,” and that his stunt doubles were way bigger than him so the sequences wouldn’t be believable. Supposedly, this slowed down production by six weeks in order to make one final attempt to get Pattinson to workout.

Coupled with the obstacles in filming during the pandemic, I think the actor isn’t wrong but for his paycheck I’d shut up and pick up some weights.

Puny Batman will be a sight to see in theaters on March 4, 2022

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