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Robert Pattinson Tests Positive for Covid-19, ‘The Batman’ Production Shuts Down

Batman needs to quarantine in the Batcave for a couple of weeks.

Robert Pattinson The Batman
Robert Pattinson The Batman

Following a flurry of reports on Thursday that production has shut down on Matt Reeves“The Batman” due to a crew member testing positive for Covid-19, updated reporting has revealed that none other than Robert Pattinson himself is the one who has come down with the virus.

Pattinson tested positive for coronavirus just three days after production began shooting again at a studio on the outskirts of London. Reeves has previously said that about 25% of the film is in the can, with about three more months of shooting necessary to finish.

Warner Bros. declined to comment on any individual worker’s health. Instead, the studio issued this statement: “A member of The Batman production has tested positive for Covid-19, and is isolating in accordance with established protocols. Filming is temporarily paused.”

In addition to Pattinson, “The Batman” stars Zoe Kravitz as Catwoman; Colin Ferrell as The Penguin; Paul Dano as The Riddler; Andy Serkis as Alfred; Barry Keoghan as Officer Stanley Merkel, and Jeffrey Wright as Commissioner Gordon.

All cast and crew are expected to be quarantined and diligently tested for the virus for the foreseeable future. However, it’ll then be up to Reeves and Warner Bros. to decide if production will remain paused until Pattinson is cleared to work again, or if the outfit is better off simply trying to film scenes that don’t include the Caped Crusader.

Stay tuned to this space for updates.

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