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Robin Hood Spies on Kramer | Stupid Movie Edits

Movie video essays are out. Stupid Movie Edits are in!

Since its launch in 2016, Metaflix’s YouTube channel has largely been dedicated to producing traditional video essays. Inspired by the likes of Every Frame a Painting, Lessons From the Screenplay and so many more, it’s a format we all love and occasionally feature on the site.

But producing a video essay in this day and age just no longer makes sense for Metaflix. For example, take any of our recent 5-minute videos that seem so simple and straightforward to create. In reality, each requires some 40 to 60 hours to actually produce, from the research to the writing to the recording to the video editing.

Plus, everyone and their mother is making video essays dedicated to movies these days. We want to be original, innovative, fun, and do something nobody else on YouTube is doing.

Furthermore, Metaflix is evolving from putting information at the forefront of the content we produce, to putting entertainment at the forefront of the content we produce.

Utilizing the YouTube channel for Stupid Movie Edits accomplishes two goals: 1). it greatly reduces the amount of time it takes to produce video content and 2). it puts the entertainment of our subscribers above all else.

Accordingly, we’re excited to launch our Stupid Movie Edits series beginning with a video that millions of cinema and television fans will enjoy: “Robin Hood Spies on Kramer.” Giddyup!

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