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Ryan Reynolds Becomes Totally Shredded ‘Dude’ In Latest ‘Free Guy’ Trailer

The meme-filled “Free Guy” teasers keep on coming, and I’m all for it!

Ryan Reynolds recently uploaded a video to his YouTube channel introducing fans to one of “Free Guy’s” antagonists. Poised to take down the film’s protagonist Guy, Reynold’s villainous counterpart, Dude (also played by Reynolds) is a totally shredded, beach bum, stereotypical frat boy created by Taika Waititi’s “Antoine” to take down Guy.

“To win an Oscar, it helps to drastically and dangerously alter your body. I’m going to bench press the entire f***ing Academy on August 13th,” Reynolds posted on the Tweet, which linked the teaser.

Ryan Reynolds

The teaser itself shows Guy taking on Dude, after which it cuts to an interview with Reynolds in which he breaks down the process by which he got totally shredded for the role.

For those that are curious, Reynolds said that to obtain CGI enhanced muscles like his, one must drink “protein bombs” made exclusively out of “human muscle” and to accept that life is all about growth, the relentless pursuit of what comes next. Oh, and hormones, lots and lots of injected hormones.

Watch the trailer above, and if you’re as psyched about watching this meme-packed film as I am, know it will arrive exclusively at theatres on August 10, 2021.

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