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Sam Richardson Had to See WWE ‘Super Doctor’ After Several ‘The Tomorrow War’ Injuries

Sam Richardson Injuries During the Tomorrow War Chris Pratt
Amazon Studios

You probably know Sam Richardson for his comedic roles in shows like “Detroiters,” “I Think You Should Leave,” and “Veep.” With Amazon’s new film “The Tomorrow War,” he’s diving into action flicks.

In an interview with the New York Times, Richardson discussed the many tribulations he faced when preparing for the role. He reportedly worked on his physique by shooting for a “balance of still looking like me but being physically fit.” He expressed his excitement for the opportunity, mentioning that he always wanted to be an action star as a little kid. Dreams do come true…after thirty years.

Richardson’s first injury came soon after he began physical training for the film. He is naturally duck-footed, which caused him to accidentally tear his meniscus in the middle of a barbell squat. “I adjusted my feet and popped my meniscus in my left knee …” New irrational fear unlocked!

That wasn’t the only pop that Richardson would hear. Once on the set of “Tomorrow War,” he had to repeatedly film a running scene with the burden of heavy gear strapped to his back. Eventually, he pulled his hamstring. It would be three weeks before he was recovered and capable of giving the scene another go. When he returned to try the scene again, he pulled his other hamstring. “I’m running and then the other one, pop.”

This is reportedly when the production had to take more immediate action. “They sent in a super doctor who works with the WWE and these athletes, and he kind of adjusted me, set me up, and then I was back and ready to go.” There you have it folks, if you hear three pops, call your local WWE super doctor.

“The Tomorrow War” was released today and is available to stream on Amazon Prime.

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