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Samuel L. Jackson Dares Himself to Say What Again | Stupid Movie Edits

A few weeks ago, I was re-watching “Coming to America” and was tickled to see screen icon Samuel L. Jackson enter the film in a small role as the McDowell’s restaurant robber.

Needless to say, Sam L’s career has come a long way since that performance, but he nevertheless always had a penchant for tossing out f-bombs like a B-52 Stratofortress.

However, as soon as Samuel L. pointedly asked “WHAT?” in the movie, I knew a Stupid Movie Edit was born.

The only thing Samuel L. is more famous for saying other than “m-er f-er” is daring people to say the word “what.” Gen X folks may remember the Nickelodeon series “You Can’t Do That On Television” in which anyone who says the phrase “I Don’t Know” immediately gets slimed.

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Well, saying “what” around Samuel L. is kind of like that. Except you get shot.

Check out our latest Stupid Movie Edit above and for a bit of nostalgia, check out kids on “You Can’t Do That On Television” getting slimed below.