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‘Scream’ Just Dropped Some Killer New Pics

Scream Movie
Dimension Films

Scream” is the upcoming fifth installment of the popular slasher horror franchise that has spanned across decades. Why it isn’t just called “Scream 5” is beyond me. We’ll be seeing the return of Neve Campbell, Courtney Cox, and David Arquette, so that rules out this one being a remake. Whether this next entry is a soft reboot or not, one thing is for certain, Ghostface is back! 

That’s a lot of pics and that’s not even all of them! There are just too many to go through individually. I can only stare at so many scared teenagers before they all blend together. Ghostface looks the same for the most part. His mask seems to be too clean for a psycho killer, but I’m sure we’ll see him bloody it up. Or, I guess I should say they. There’s probably like six ghostfaces, as that is always the twist at the end of these movies. 

“Oh my god, it’s an entire gang of ghostfaces!” It’s only a matter of time before that’s the plot to one of these. Hell, it might be the plot to this one for all we know.

The film synopsis reads that it, “follows the story of a young woman who returns to her old hometown, only to encounter horrific murder cases connected to a notorious masked serial killer.” Sounds like anything could happen in this one, but if I were to take a guess, some people are definitely gonna get stabbed in “Scream.” I love how that statement is always going to be correct since there is now two films called ‘Scream’ and a tv show too, and let me tell you, oh boy, do people get stabbed in them.

This ‘Scream’ sports a large cast of soon to be teen stabbing victims for the ghostface killer to slice and dice. We have David Quaid of “The Boys’ fame, along with Dylan Minnette from “13 Reasons Why” and Jenna Ortega from “The Babysitter: Killer Queen.” There are a few more to add to the list, but something tells me most of these new faces are here to round out the body count. If you wish to view the other pics, the rest of them can be found here.

“Scream” is expected to release on Jan 14, 2022.  

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