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Sean Connery and Ursula Andress On the James Bond Set of ‘Dr. No,’ 1961

Sean Connery and Ursula Andress
United Artists

Just askin’ because everyone is thinking it: what are the chances that these two didn’t bone? Between zilch and none? Got it. Now let’s move on.

Back in the day, Sean Connery had a number of things in common with his iconic James Bond character. Womanizing was certainly one of them.

Such a trait may come off as having a negative connotation, but if you were young, rich, buff, handsome, and internationally renowned with access to the most beautiful women on the planet, wouldn’t you do the same?

For a glimpse of Connery’s escapades, check out this photo taken in 1961 on the set of ‘Dr. No’ in Nassau, Bahamas, one of a couple dozen behind the scenes photos that exist. Connery is soaking up the sun alongside his co-star, Ursula Andress, who is equally stunning in her own right.

To see the full gallery of photos, click here.

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