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Tenet Open NYC Tenet Open NYC


Finally, New York City theater goers are going to be just as confused as we are. Christopher Nolan’s sci-fi epic “Tenet” will open in...

Matthew McConaughey Wolf of Wall Street Matthew McConaughey Wolf of Wall Street


Fugayzi, fugazi. It's a whazy. It's a woozie. It's fairy dust.

A Quiet Place 2 A Quiet Place 2


The theater scene has been in complete disarray for the last year. The uncertainty of the pandemic and the botched public response has made...

Tenet Remake Tenet Remake


You probably didn’t see “Tenet” when it hit theatres last summer. It was supposed to be the grand reopening of theatres, the resurgence of...

Airplane Still Airplane Still


I’m currently sitting in the Charlotte Airport, awaiting my flight back to Boston. I’m sitting coach and am part of the prestigious boarding group...

Tom Hanks Colonel Tom Parker Elvis Tom Hanks Colonel Tom Parker Elvis


Warner Bros. announced late Friday that the premiere of Baz Luhrmann’s much-anticipated Elvis biopic starring Tom Hanks has been delayed until June 3, 2022,...

What To Watch 12:29:21 What To Watch 12:29:21


Some of the best from Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, HBO Max, and Disney Plus.

The Batman Robert Pattinson The Batman Robert Pattinson


According to director Matt Reeves, his latest film adaptation of the night-crawling hero is on schedule and expected to conclude principal photography by the...

Netflix Library Netflix Library


From classics to Netflix originals, there’s something for everyone.