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October 22nd is Going To Be Great For Theaters October 22nd is Going To Be Great For Theaters


I will be living in the theater on October 22nd. Do not try to contact me; my cell phone will be silenced, and I...

U.S. Box Office U.S. Box Office


Hollywood film studios have reason to celebrate again. After a year of movie theater closures and a huge shift to streaming, the U.S. box...

Dungeons and Dragons Movie Dungeons and Dragons Movie


A movie reboot of the popular role-playing tabletop game “Dungeons and Dragons” has started filming. The film’s director, Jonathan Goldstein, announced the news on Twitter....


HBO Max is every bit in the thick of the ongoing streaming wars. However, according to its 2021 first quarter subscriber growth, there may...

godzilla vs kong battleship godzilla vs kong battleship


Warner Bros’ latest MonsterVerse flick “Godzilla vs. Kong” had the best opening day at the box office since Covid wrecked the film industry. “Godzilla...

Leonardo DiCaprio as J Edgar Hoover Leonardo DiCaprio as J Edgar Hoover


If the late J. Edgar Hoover were to learn that modern Hollywood heavyweights including Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Sheen were portraying him on screen,...



Since its debut nine months ago, HBO Max has shaken up the streaming industry. From its decision to release new movies in theaters and...

A Quiet Place 2 A Quiet Place 2


The theater scene has been in complete disarray for the last year. The uncertainty of the pandemic and the botched public response has made...

The Little Things Malek Leto The Little Things Malek Leto


Do you ever wonder that maybe, just maybe, it's a waste of time?

What To Watch 12:29:21 What To Watch 12:29:21


Some of the best from Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, HBO Max, and Disney Plus.