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See You At the Movies.

Metaflix Media
Metaflix Media

It’s been a long, wonderful road we’ve travelled together here at Metaflix. But alas, every journey must inevitably come to an end.

Metaflix was born out of my love for cinema. That passion will never go away, but the business aspect of it–running the site and delivering daily content to all of our beloved fans–has run its course.

The one thing I’m most proud of is the relentlessness with which myself and all our contributors gave to this endeavor. soft launched on December 1, 2018. This final post goes live on January 1, 2022. For more than three years, not one single day has passed in which a new article wasn’t posted to the site–not holidays, vacation days, sick days, or any other hindrance.

That’s 1,127 days in a row, not missing a single beat.

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It’s sad writing this, of course. To put so much effort into such an endeavor only to have it slowly fade away is not something I ever wanted to experience. But if nothing else, I can find solace in knowing that I gave it everything I had and I’m now a better, more experience person as a result.

I’d like to thank all of Metaflix’s family, friends, fans, and contributors for their love and support over the years. I wish everyone the best …

And as always, I’ll see you at the movies.

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