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‘Shazam 2’ Costume Leak Shows Off Zachary Levi’s New Look

New Shazam 2 Costume First Look
Warner Bros.

With “Shazam!: Fury of the Gods” in production fans are desperate for any kind of first look at Zachary Levi’s new suit. Thanks to new “Shazam 2” costume leaks from a photographer on set, DCEU fans no longer have to wait! We have two new looks at Shazam’s costume to analyze.

Firstly, are the photos from the set that have Twitter fans reposting like crazy. In these behind-the-scenes leaks, we are given a lot to analyze, but with one obvious exclusion. We may have a lot of muscles and some texture to look at, however, Levi’s cape is a notable no-show.

Unlike the previous film in which Shazam’s cape was a real part of his costume, it seems this film will be using a CGI cape. The suit also contains darker reds and a new design for the lightning bolt, without the previous glowing electronics inside.

Secondly, returning director David F. Sandberg released an official video teasing the full suit, including a very interesting cape design.

While it’s hard to tell from the dark video, many fans have speculated that Shazam is actually wearing a split cape here. In the first film, Shazam boasted a shorter cape that only went down to his waist. Here, the cape seems to go down to his knees but leaves room for the gap between his legs. Unless this is another post-production error on a big blockbuster, it seems we’re getting another unique cape for the sequel.

The darker tone and Cavill-like texture on the suit have lead some to believe the Snyderverse will continue with this film. However, the childish joke at the end continues Shazam’s tradition of poking fun at grim seriousness. Regardless, the new suit seems an improvement on the first film’s more cartoony vibe. Although Levi has pointed out on Twitter that this suit is just as impractical as the first.

“Shazam: Fury of the Gods” is set to premiere June 2, 2023.

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