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‘Soul’ Should Be Nominated For Best Picture

Pixar’s “Soul” will undoubtedly win the Oscar for Best Animated Film. But, it also deserves a Best Picture nomination. “Beauty and the Beast,” “Up,” and “Toy Story 3,” are the only three animated films have ever accomplished this feat. However, expect “Soul” to join them this year.

For too many years, animated films have been deemed “kids movies.” Recently, a slew of Pixar releases have started to change that conversation. This is mainly due to the work of Pete Docter. Docter is the visionary director behind “Monsters Inc.” “Up,” “Inside Out” and now “Soul.”

His two most recent films deal with complex interpersonal issues that are frankly more applicable to adults than they are to kids. “Inside Out” delves into psychology and human emotions in an unprecedented way. Similarly, “Soul” uniquely contemplates the meaning of life and finding ones purpose.

The much praised video essayist, The Royal Ocean Film Society, dives deeper into why “Soul” deserves a Best Picture nomination. His most recent video also points out some classic films that the Pixar film took inspiration from. Check out the video above for an in depth discussion about “Soul.”

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