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‘Spider-Man 3’ Casting News, Rumors, and More

The next Spider-Man movie might bring back a few Spider-folk of old.

Spider-Man Far From Home
Tom Holland in Spider-Man: Far From Home

Last year’s box office king “Avengers: Endgame” left a lot of the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe up in the air, as did the next entry in the series, “Spider-Man: Far From Home.” The MCU is left without a number of its core members (namely Peter Parker’s mentor Tony Stark), and with Thanos having been the main “big bad” for nearly a decade, many fans are itching for information as to where the series will go next. It just so happens that the third Tom Holland “Spider-Man” film has been subject to a lot of news and rumors lately, so let’s dive in.

To start, it was reported that Jamie Foxx will be reprising his role from 2014’s “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” as Electro, one of Spidey’s many villains. Additionally, it came to light that Benedict Cumberbatch will be making an appearance in the films as his character Dr. Strange. With the Dr. Strange sequel being titled “Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness,” this got a lot of fans in an uproar.

The term “multiverse” had already gotten fans in a frenzy because of the implications related to comics. Having a multiverse could mean opening up the MCU to other past Marvel film “universes” could mean bringing in old beloved characters, just like Foxx’s Electro.

Additionally, it came out earlier this year that Spider-Men of old Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield almost appeared in 2018’s tremendous “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. So, could this crossover to end all crossovers finally come to life in Holland’s next outing?

Well, rumors came out last week that, in fact, they were. Sony’s response to these rumors was suspect as well, saying that these rumors were “unconfirmed,” which is interesting for how much of a non-denial it is. Additionally, it’s important to note that Dr. Strange 2 is being directed by Sam Raimi, who is best known for the “Evil Dead” franchise, as well as the original three “Spider-Man” films starring Tobey Maguire.

So, as of yet there is no fire. However, there is a ton of smoke. There is obviously a desire from the filmmakers for some sort of multiverse crossover, and “Dr. Strange 2” certainly seems to make that a possibility. When you combine those facts with the casting rumors and Raimi’s new involvement in the MCU, and a live action Spider-Verse crossover seems more than possible at this point.

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