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‘Star Trek’ Creator Gene Roddenberry Biopic Gets Writer

Gene Roddenberry Biopic Gets Writer
Larry D. Moore via Wikimedia Commons, Paramount

Apparently, space isn’t the final frontier for “Star Trek” films. A Gene Roddenberry biopic is in the works from his own company. This news has appropriately been released on what would have been Roddenberry’s hundredth birthday.

Roddenberry Entertainment has been tinkering with a script written by Adam Mazer. Mazer most famously wrote “You Don’t Know Jack,” a tv movie for HBO. Additionally, Rod Roddenberry and Trevor Roth are producing the biopic. These two producers are behind all Star Trek franchise films right now, and their involvement lends approval from Roddenberry’s estate, since the former is his son.

Gene led a remarkable life. He was an incredibly complex, compelling man, whose work changed the face of television, and whose ideas changed the world. It’s time to share Gene’s story with audiences everywhere.

Rob Roddenberry and Trevor Roth in a statement, Deadline

But what would the biopic be about? While Gene Roddenberry is most famous for creating the Star Trek original series, he was originally not in the television business. From his days as a pilot to his time working as an LAPD cop, the writer had a full life. A film is totally in order for this legend of television history. Long after his death in 1991, he’s still adored by fans for the diverse cast and unique worldview that he brought to the small screen. In fact, the absolute least we can do for Gene Roddenberry in return is to give him a biopic.

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