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Steve Buscemi and Rami Malek Have the Same Face

Steve Buscemi Eyes
Miramax Films

Steve Buscemi’s face seems to defy all aging-logic. People often ask “what disease does Steve Buscemi have?” Surprisingly, it’s only gum disease. The ever-present bags under his empty blue eyes just tell the story of an old soul.

Recently, a meme resurfaced of what appears to be a face swap between Rami Malek and Steve Buscemi. While the images side-by-side offer a rather flattering view of Buscemi, Malek looks like himself, but something is slightly off.

Most of us may be familiar with the popular trend of editing Buscemi’s eyes onto photos of other celebrities, children, etc., otherwise, known as “Buscemi-eyes.” Side note, he does not acknowledge the trend, but his wife seems to love it!

But this particular photo is especially head-turning. At first glance it looks as though only their eyes maybe switched, as Rami Malek does tend to have the same defining lines beneath his eyes. As you stare at the picture longer, and trust me you will, it looks like their other features maybe be swapped.

Fans of the image online went further to debunk the statement that it’s a full on face swap. Some pasting images of each actors face on each other that are more accurate to how we normally see them. But the original meme photo seems to be a blend of both of their faces somehow. I would even go as far to say that it might just be a side-by-side of the two actors.

The picture was originally posted in 2019. But because we are so fixated on getting to the bottom of things, millennials and Gen Z continue to debate this weird comparison of two actors with oddly similar eyes. And what they’re even looking at in the photo.

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