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Steven Spielberg Gives Us a Behind the Scenes Tour of Universal Studios

So this isn’t … us … us in the video, but it’s still nice to daydream that Steven Spielberg is driving us around Universal Studios in a golf cart giving a private tour of the lot.

And who better to provide such fascinating history and insight than one of the most acclaimed filmmakers in history? Indeed, in this awesome behind the scenes video, Spielberg gives a VIP tour of the world-famous Universal Studios Hollywood lot in Universal City, Los Angeles.

In the faux harbor, located just up the hill from Spielberg’s hacienda-style Amblin Entertainment offices, was once the mooring spot of the actual Orca fishing boat that was used in the movie.

“I used to come out for a couple of years after I made the movie to get over my PTSD,” Spielberg says, gesturing across the water. “I would work through my own trauma because it was traumatic. I would just sit in that boat alone for hours, just working through, and I would shake. My hands would shake.”

Such is just one anecdote of many on this captivating tour. And don’t worry: unlike another little adventure involving a boat and such, it won’t take 3 hours … or more.

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