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‘The Batman’ Drops Trailer With Misleading Title

Warner Bros has spoiled fans with a belated Christmas gift. They’ve dropped a brand, spanking new “The Batman” trailer. Here’s the thing though, I’m outraged about it. You want to know why? The trailer’s title is very misleading. 

I mean, come on, I read “The Bat and The Cat trailer” and I expect nothing but unadulterated Batman/Catwoman content! But this trailer, in its giant freaking audacity, decides to give fans more than promised! 

We get more looks at Riddler, we get more of an idea of this universe’s version of Bruce Wayne, and we get even more sick action scenes with the Batmobile. It’s too much to handle frankly. I don’t know what they were thinking over at Warner Bros marketing!

This film has been delayed so much that it hurts now. The current March 4th release date is just one more Greek letter entering the news cycle away from it being potentially moved… again! That said, the box office seems to be back, especially for superheroes, so we might finally get our long-awaited Robert Battinson movie. 

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