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The Black and White Edition of ‘Zack Snyder’s Justice League’ Is Coming To HBO Max

Justice League Synder Cut
Justice League Synder Cut

Zack Snyder and his vision of Justice League rose from the ashes last week after a prolonged, four-year effort to bring the re-vamped superhero epic to the masses. In addition to new cuts, new scenes, and a new 4:3 aspect ratio, Snyder also had one more item on his wish list: a black and white cut of the film.

Now, that bucket list item is coming to fruition as the celebrated director revealed on Twitter on Saturday that the black and white “Zack Snyder’s Justice League” is soon to launch on HBO Max.

Snyder has previously spoken of the black and white cut being his “ideal version” of the movie, which may seem odd given the glitz and glam that superhero epics lend to color presentations. However, his eye for featuring the film in such a way has been on full display with the frequent release of black and white character posters, still photos, and trailers.

The cut will feature a new subtitle, “Justice is Gray.” As of this writing, no release date has been announced. The timing is simply noted as “coming soon.” However, the announcement included in the tweet does tease a clip from the black-and-white version with Ben Affleck’s Batman interacting with Jeremy Irons’ Alfred.

Snyder previously referred to a black and white IMAX version of the film as being akin to his Holy Grail. “That, to me, is the most fan-centric, most pure, most ‘Justice League‘ experience. Because that’s how I lived with the movie for two years, in black and white.”

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