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‘The Black Phone’: Blumhouse’s Newest Horror Movie

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Ethan Hawke will play a kidnapping murderer in the newest Blumhouse movie. This is in stark contrast to what we usually see him as, a loving and protective father. Here, he is a killer who hides behind a creepy mask like something out of “American Horror Story.”

Joe Hill (Hawke) captures fifteen-year-old Finney Shaw who discovers while he’s in the killer’s basement there’s a disconnected phone that allows him to communicate with past victims. There’s definitely potential for this low-budget horror, Blumhouse’s specialty. With a notable actor such as Ethan Hawke, I’m sure fans of his will be interested to see how he performs on the other end of the knife.

Director Scott Derrickson also has a reputation to uphold. His previous projects “Doctor Strange” and “Sinister” both did extremely well in their respective audiences, so we can only assume he’ll really aim to knock it out of the park with this suspenseful horror with a refreshing twist.

“The Black Phone” will release in theaters January 28, 2022.

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