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‘The Black Phone’ Trailer Transforms Ethan Hawke into a Killer

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Scott Derrickson, director of “Doctor Strange,” steps back into horror. With his return, his newest film “The Black Phone” releases its first trailer.

The trailer transports us back to the ’70s. There, thirteen-year-old Finney Shaw notes a number of disappearances occurring in his suburban town. Eventually, Finney is abducted by “The Grabber.”

Finney’s sisters conducts her own supernatural investigation. While Finney discovers, locked in Ethan Hawke’s basement, that the disconnected phone on the wall allows him to communicate with past victims.

Their voices align with the missing children and they guide Finney in order to save him from their fate. The movie looks like a true blend of suspense-horror and looks eerily similar to “The Lovely Bones.” Ethan Hawke’s costume give us chills as he lures Finney in, posed as a magician. Only he has darker tricks in mind.

Derrickson’s previous who’re or works include: “The Exorcism of Emily Rose” and “Deliver Us From Evil.” He’s also contributed to the scripts for “Sinister” and “Sinister 2.” It’s safe to say he’s in his element when it comes to a creepy.

Judging from the trailer, “The Black Phone” will definitely keep us on edge. The film will hit theaters February 4, 2021.

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