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The Case for Loyola Marymount University To Earn A Spot in Metaflix’s Top 5 Film Schools

Loyola Marymount University Film School Metaflix
Design of LMU's New Howard B. Fitzpatrick Pavilion

Loyola Marymount University is probably the least recognizable school in the upper half of Metaflix’s coveted Top 25 Film Schools list. So what makes this Southern California gem stand out? As someone who goes there, I may be equipped to answer. Or I would hope so, at least.

While most people on the East Coast have hardly ever heard of it, Loyola Marymount University has earned its spot in film school rankings for a number of reasons. It boasts multiple sprawling campuses with stellar film buildings.

The main campus lies in Westchester, a suburban neighborhood of Los Angeles. It’s about five minutes from LAX as well as the beach, but about forty minutes from the heart of downtown. The main film building has countless class spaces, multiple sound stages, and a full-sized theater, which serves as a place for lectures that are typically followed by viewings.

The Mayer Theater makes for a perfect venue for events as well (the Oscars, film premieres, etc.). It was funnily enough where “The Masters” was filmed, a Netflix series that students actually got a chance to work on a few years back.

More recently, Loyola Marymount built an impressive second campus in Playa Vista, about five minutes from the main campus. This massive building has tons of resources and is primarily used for graduate students. It also borders a gorgeous park and houses a killer taco place. Alright back to the film stuff.

But we already knew this! How does Loyola Marymount stand a chance at cracking Metaflix’s top five? Well, they are about to wrap up construction on an entirely new building on the main campus (seen above). The building has been erected right in front of the old one. I’m not kidding — about five feet in front of the old one. It will house more class space, filming locations and a theater of its own. Watch out Columbia!

With an unbeatable campus atmosphere, 12:1 faculty ratio, and an important philosophy on getting students behind the camera as much as possible, Loyola Marymount is fighting for its in place in the top five, but time will tell what the almighty Metaflix algorithm determines.

If you’re a prospective film student, Loyola Marymount’s School of Film and Television is certainly worth checking out. Here is their website. And for more information on other great schools, check out Metaflix’s Top 25 Film Schools HERE.

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