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The Coppola Family: An Interconnected Cinema History

This family tree has roots throughout Hollywood.

The Coppola Family Movie Tree
The Coppola Family Movie Tree

Did you know that Nicholas Cage’s real name is Nicholas Kim Coppola? Or that Jason Schwartzman’s mother is Talia Shire, whose maiden name is Talia Coppola, the sister of director Francis Ford Coppola?

Francis is obviously the most heralded of the bunch, having directed arguably two of the best films ever made with “The Godfather” and “The Godfather: Part II.” However, there’s an entire clan of Coppola’s who have made a considerable and quite indelible mark on the annals of Hollywood history.

In this fascinating infographic created by Reddit user Dylan_Mq, the full Coppola family tree is presented for all to see. Learn anything new? Let us know in the comments below.

Oh, and don’t forget that the incredibly talented Sofia Coppola has a new film debuting in October titled “On the Rocks” starring Bill Murray and Rashida Jones. A link to the poster + trailer is embedded below.

PS: With Gia Coppola also coming out with a new film later this year starring Andrew Garfield and Maya Hawke titled “Mainstream,” you may be curious to know that Gia is the granddaughter of Francis Ford Coppola, niece of Sofia and Roman Coppola, and first cousin once removed of Nicolas Cage.
The Coppola Family Movie Tree

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