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‘The Crown’ Actress Vanessa Kirby Joins Laura Dern and Hugh Jackman in ‘The Father’ Follow-up

Vanessa Kirby joins follow-up to The Father

Florian Zeller, the critically acclaimed playwright and director responsible for “The Father,” has a new project in the works. The upcoming film titled, “The Son,” is yet another adaptation from Zeller’s trilogy of family-drama stage plays.

Vanessa Kirby of Netflix’s “The Crown” is the most recent addition to the cast. She was also recently seen in “Pieces of a Woman,” where she garnered an Oscar nomination. She will be starring alongside Hugh Jackman and Laura Dern, making for another promising cast in Zeller’s follow-up.

“The Father” told the heart-wrenching story of an elderly man (Anthony Hopkins) dealing with his own sanity in the face of dementia. While his daughter (Olivia Coleman) tries desperately to care for him, his perception of reality unravels. “The Son” will reportedly focus on Hugh Jackman’s character living a busy life with his new partner (Vanessa Kirby) and their infant child. This situation is then thrown into chaos when his ex-wife (Laura Dern) reappears with their teenage son.

Zeller commented on the casting, saying, “Vanessa Kirby is for me a very great actress: intense, inventive and powerful. I am especially happy to take her on this cinematic adventure.” Producer Joanna Laurie also shared that, “this film holds a mirror up to our families and our emotions…”

Time will tell if the full trilogy of Zeller’s stage plays are adapted, the last being “The Mother.” “The Son” has no official release date. For now, “The Father,” can be rented on all major VOD platforms.

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