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The Incredible Story Behind Reservoir Dogs

The troubling history behind the successful film.

For most directors, their careers only start picking up after a few initial films have been added to their filmography, but Quentin Tarantino managed to become almost instantly recognizable for his filmmaking style with his 1992 film “Reservoir Dogs.”

Though we already know that “Reservoir Dogs” isn’t Tarantino’s very first film, there’s no denying that it gained him some attention as an up and coming voice in the film industry.

Although “Pulp Fiction” was Tarantino’s big commercial hit, “Reservoir Dogs” was the spark that started Tarantino’s blazing career as one of the most influential directors of our time. 

With his directorial vision and stylized writing, “Reservoir Dogs” has long been deemed as one of the most important independent films to be released. After its release, the film slowly started to grow a cult following. But like many films before and after its time,  the production process (and even the debut screening) of “Reservoir Dogs” was not as smooth sailing as its success. 

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Behind incredible movies are always some great stories. Watch the video above by “Full Fat Videos,” to learn about the incredible story behind one of independent filmmaking’s most influential movies.