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‘The King’s Man’ Gives Us A Special Look At Its Bloody Origins

I love the “Kingsman” movies. If you like crazy action, impractically cool gadgets, and kind of lame parkour, then you do too. These Bond-like flicks get your blood pumping!

Matthew Vaughn is returning for the newest entry after directing the first two Kingsman films. Vaughn also directed “X-Men: First Class” and another superhero movie I don’t like saying aloud in front of my parents. His hallmarks include intense hand-to-hand action, metatextual dissection of genre, and lots of jumping off of things.

Clearly “The King’s Man” (not to be confused with parkour-less “The King’s Speech”) is adhering to that formula. The action scenes we’ve seen so far contain the gadgets, setpieces, and Snyder-like slow motion we’ve come to expect of the series. Set during World War I, “The King’s Man” will feature Rasputin as a villain in its crazy spy games. The prequel seems to be setting the stage for the spies we see Taron Egerton and Colin Firth play in the first movie. It’s very apparent that the film is trying to hark back to the 2014 original, with whole shots recreated in the new time period. Even during World War I, it seems the spy genre was still being picked apart and given ironic commentary.

It’s also worth noting that while this film was still in production, 20th Century Fox was acquired by another large company. Which means that, believe it or not, “The King’s Man” is now technically a Disney movie! Maybe we can get Colin Firth to fight in a nice ball gown as a Disney Princess.

“The King’s Man” originally had a release date in autumn of 2020, but obviously the studio delayed the film until it could reach more theaters. The movie is now coming to theaters December 22nd of this year.

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