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‘The Matrix Resurrections’ Just Released These Slick Looking Character Posters

Matrix 4
Warner Bros. Pictures

There was a time when someone in shades and long black coats garnered respect and not ridicule. That time has long since passed. But, with age comes nostalgia, and oh boy, am I nostalgic for those Yee old days after looking at these slick, new “Matrix Resurrections” posters. 

The Matrix” films have always been known for their unique looking ensemble casts. They don’t dress to blend in, that’s for sure. These posters do a good job to highlight each character, both new and old. We have Neo and Trinity sporting looks reminiscent of the original film, while some of the new faces seem to be taking the shades and formal wear look in new directions.  

Hey, I’m all for individuality, but that orange suit does Morpheus no favors. He looks so silly coming at you sideways like that. It really doesn’t help that he looks to be sauntering with the Uzis. You can’t wear an all-orange suit and saunter sideways with Uzis. It’s just too darn funny looking. 

The good news is the shades are on and as long as you’re sporting a slick pair, then all’s right with the simulated world. The character posters are missing that code black and computer green color scheme the franchise is so well known for, but other than that, they look exactly as anything “Matrix” related should, kinda dumb, but only in a cool way. 

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