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‘The Matrix’ Resurrects Relationship Between Media and Culture

Matrix 4
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After the release of the first “Matrix,” fans were seemingly plugged into all things in that cinematic world. This is because of the ingeniousness of the Wachowskis, utilizing the advancements in their own world to create depth in their fictional one.

While A-list actors like Keanu Reeves and Laurence Fischburne used to put butts in seats, but the casual moviegoer wanted more. People didn’t just want to see movies, they wanted to experience them (as is the standard for huge releases today).

The Matrix demanded more from its audience than any film franchise that preceded it. Bold statement, I know. The Wachowskis embraced the internet to really milk the anticipation. They also used world-building outside the constructs of the production.

Movie posters asked audiences: “What is the Matrix?” which sent millions to the internet in search of answers, as it introduced a slew of newly accessible information.

To truly enjoy the films as we would any other, we would have to “do our homework.” Kinda like discovering “Easter eggs” in some of our favorite films today.

Obviously, comic book readers will have more insight into the characters, but it’s still enjoyable for all viewers. There’s just more depth for a hardcore fan base.

While we are being bombarded with the arrival of the internet, online forums, blogs, personal business websites, and computer games, “The Matrix” takes all these advancements and utilizes each to serve a greater narrative. For the first film, at least …

I’ve always found that my favorite movies are the ones I can’t stop talking about after leaving the theater. This movie pushes viewers to decipher, speculate, and elaborate. Not only through Twitter threads and open discussion with friends who’ve seen it. But through a non-verbal dialogue between directors and viewers.

And I have to say, I’m excited to see some sort of revival of this kind of storytelling, and the title “The Matrix: Resurrections” definitely reaffirms this hope. We’ll see if it lives up to the name on December 22, 2021.

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