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The Next BATTLE ROYALE with CHEESE Quarterfinal Matchup: ‘Kill Bill: Vol. 2’ Vs. ‘Reservoir Dogs’

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Battle Royale with Cheese Kill Bill 2 VS Reservoir Dogs
Battle Royale with Cheese Kill Bill 2 VS Reservoir Dogs

You know the deal. After re-watching Quentin Tarantino’s entire filmography last month, the thought struck me: where do they all rank?

Last week in the second quarterfinal matchup, #2 seed “Kill Bill: Vol. 1” modestly defeated #7 seed “Once Upon a Time … In Hollywood,” 50 votes to 32.

The result was far closer than anticipated. I suspect there’s a bit of recency bias here, but nevertheless it speaks volumes about the ongoing high level of filmmaking from QT. Now “Kill Bill: Vol. 1” moves onto the semifinals against the winner of “Inglourious Basterds” and “Django Unchained.”

This week in the third quarterfinal matchup, #4 seed “Kill Bill: Vol. 2” takes on #5 seed “Reservoir Dogs.” The former is widely considered one of QT’s best works, so everyone is (rightly) expecting the film to emerge victorious. The latter, however, is QT’s first writing-directing effort and the movie that catapulted the acclaimed filmmaker to fame. It’ll be interesting to see which film edges out a win.

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