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The Secret Origins Of Star Wars Lightsabers

Ever since Disney took over the Star Wars franchise, there are aspects of the universe’s origins that have either been newly created or completely re-imagined. Lightsabers are certainly one such example.

Now that Disney has announced (approximately) 26 new Star Wars projects under development (didn’t they apologize for putting out too much Star Wars content only like a couple of years ago?), let’s take a closer look at one of the most interesting weapons in film.

The original lore had the lightsaber evolving from an earlier version known as the Protosaber. The Protosaber was a mechanical lightsaber that looks similar to the one we know today, but it was attached to a little backpack that powered it.

Disney has gone in a whole other direction and created a primitive lightsaber that looks a little more like something a caveman might put together before any mechanical technology came along.

Evolving from just a bare crystal (that might have chopped off the hands of the person wielding it) to a crystal wrapped in layers of aluminum rods and twine, the new “old” version is an interesting modern take on what a lightsaber actually is.

Check out the whole story and tons of awesome graphics in the above video presented by Screen Rant.

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