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‘The Suicide Squad’ Releases Special ‘Shark Week’ Trailer

Suicide Squad King Shark Trailer
Warner Bros.

Welcome to another “Shark Week” ladies and gentleman. What better way to celebrate than with a giant anthropomorphic supervillain? At least, that’s what the newest “The Suicide Squad” trailer seems to think.

“The Suicide Squad” will introduce the cinema to the comic book supervillain King Shark for the first time. This new trailer shows off the character in all his teeth gnashing fun. It seems that for the time being the character is being played off mostly comedically. Sylvester Stallone plays this tough as nails but dull as a hammer hero in James Gunn’s upcoming film “The Suicide Squad.”

The film also stars Margot Robbie and Viola Davis returning as Harley Quinn and Amanda Waller respectively. Idris Alba seems to be taking the leadership role on the team as Bloodsport. Its unclear yet whether these stars interacted with Stallone onset or whether the “Rocky” star only gave his voice to the character.

Original “Suicide Squad” fans may remember that the previous cast bonded together very well on set. The actors, including Will Smith and Jai Courtney tattooed one another with the word “SKWAD” on their arms. Yikes. The film might have been flash in the pan, but that ink is permanent. Perhaps this new cast will do something similar. I would love to see Rambo with a misspelled “SUESEYED” across his bicep in his next film.

“The Suicide Squad” lands in theaters and HBO Max on August 6th. Until then… don’t get any tattoos you’ll regret.

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