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‘The Suicide Squad’ Releases Starro and Weasel Clips

With “The Suicide Squad” release just around the corner, there isn’t much that we don’t know about the movie. Most reviews have been positive, praising James Gunn’s R-rated take. David Ayer himself called it brilliant during his rant against the Warner Bros. production of his film. It seems that those lucky few who already got to see the movie are happy with the results.

But for the rest of us still waiting for the newest “Squad” goals, there are movie clips. The first one above gives us just a bit closer of a look at what seems to be the movie’s third act villain. In the comics, Starro the Conqueror is typically one of the first nemeses of the Justice League. Since Zack Snyder took it upon himself to make the League into a self-serious gods v. gods universe, Starro doesn’t really serve that purpose anymore. Traditionally the villain is from outer space, with one giant eye and telepathic powers. We don’t get to see this eye here, but I’m sure we will know more after the film is released.

Weasel is a different matter altogether. In this clip, the Squad mistakes him for another mythical creature, although in the comics he has his own lore. For his initial run, he was originally just a very strong college athlete in a weasel suit and the villain of Firestorm. He was added to the comics Suicide Squad later after his imprisonment. In the film, Sean Gunn portrays the CGI beast. Sean is James Gunn’s brother who you might remember as Yondu’s right-hand man in “Guardians of the Galaxy.” Additionally, he played Kirk in “Gilmore Girls,” which is my favorite show.

“The Suicide Squad” has a quickly approaching release date of August 6th. If you need more information on the many villains the film introduces, you can check out the clip below!

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