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The Teaser to ‘Doctor Strange and the Multiverse Of Madness’ Is Here

If you saw “No Way Home” and stuck around until after the credits, then you’ve seen this teaser already. That said, you can pause a movie trailer while at the theater and spot all the juicy details. And, let me tell you, this thing is chalk full of em. 

The second Doctor Strange film is set to be the next big chapter of the MCU. Marvel is going fully into the multiverse after dipping its toes in with “Loki” and “No Way Home.” Expect the unexpected as the sky’s the limit when multiverses are involved and after “No Way Home,” so are fans’ expectations.  

Rumors were circulating that the extensive reshoots the film underwent were so that the film could better live up to its title’s raw potential. Now I don’t want to be the boy who cried Wolverine, but something tells me we might be getting some X-men cameos in this one. I mean, why else bring Scarlet Witch into the mix if not to formally cement her Mutant roots?

We’re likely to see plenty of variants in the film with Dr. Strange’s evil doppelgänger is just the tip of the iceberg. Evil Iron Man, evil Captain America, or evil Thor. This film could be a vehicle to bring back some recently lost MCU actors to play against their types. I know Downey would love that. 

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