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The Wacky World of Product Placement In Movies

YouTuber Paul E.T. has done it again. You may not be overly familiar with this video essayist quite yet, but those of us behind the scenes here at Metaflix have been rooting him on for months and his meteoric rise has been thrilling to watch.

Back on April 12, Metaflix contributor Sam Persall featured Paul’s compelling and slickly edited video essay about how filmmakers make cameras disappear in movies. At the time, the channel was quite small, but certainly growing. It boasted 7,410 subscribers.

Paul E.T. YouTube subscribers as of April 12, 2021

A little more than two months later, the channel now has 100,000 subs and GROWING!

Naturally, YouTube’s algorithm has been doing most of the heavy lifting. But I like to think that we’ve contributed a small part to the channel’s amazing performance. Plus it makes sense. Metaflix loves featuring awesome people doing awesome stuff, and Paul E.T. is certainly one of them.

In turn, Paul E.T. has responded to fans flocking to his channel with another banger of a video essay. It’s all about product placement, focusing on branded content in films. From the history of the practice to modern tactics and everything in-between, the video is an advertising journey that you didn’t know could be so fascinating.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go chop off my head after seeing the Al Pacino Dunkaccino commercial. You’ll understand when you see it.

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