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There’s An Edit of ‘Pulp Fiction’ Featuring Every Use of the Word ‘F—‘

Quentin Tarantino is famous for his liberal use of colorful language. He’s always been unrepentant about it, too, which is refreshing. Metaflix champions this concept since there’s a very wide chasm between being a hateful bigot and illustrating what a hateful bigot does or says. The entire situation comes down to intent–and far too many people in this world fail to understand this very, very basic concept.

Is QT hateful or bigoted for using no-no language in his films? Of course not. Are people hateful or bigoted who do so in real life? Sometimes, yeah–there’s a lot of sh-tty people in this world.

Furthermore, there are two things that this post needs to address. First of all, did you know there’s an edit of “Pulp Fiction” featuring every use of the word “f—“? I didn’t until last night, and spent the entire time marveling at the truly wonderous and florid utilization of the word.

QT just loves the f-word and peppers it into nearly every one of his films. So on a hunch I looked up the all-time rankings of films that say the word “f—” the most. Surprisingly, he’s not at or near the top of the list, though “Reservoir Dogs” and “Pulp Fiction” do come in at #32 and #33, respectively. You can check out the list for yourself HERE.

Second of all, if you’re wondering why I’m not actually writing out the words f— or sh-tty, it’s because Google won’t index the page on its news platform if it’s riddled with profanity. Lame, I know, but ‘dems the rules.

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