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These 5 Creepiest Kids in Horror Will Make Your Skin Crawl

The Exorcist
Warner Bros.

Demons, ghosts, and serial killers all make for frightening movie subjects. But there’s just something down right creepy about evil children in horror movies.

Though they may not be physically threatening, some kids are just born evil and some of the parents of the kids on the list learned this the hard way …

5. Damien – “The Omen”

Damien The Omen
20th Century Fox

After seeing this film, I repeatedly checked my brother’s head for the mark of the beast. Damien gives new meaning to the term “little-sh-t,” attacking his mother’s face and pushing her over second-story railings. There’s no denying, this child is the product of pure evil. The way he sends animals into a frenzy should’ve given Gregory Peck more of a clue as to what he was dealing with. To make his presence even more horrific, his theme “Ave, Satani” rings out as he decapitates, impales, and makes a real mess of things.

4. Henry Evans – “The Good Son”

Henry Evans The Good Son
20th Century Fox

Speaking of demonic sons, psychopath takes on a new form in Henry Evans. After being sent to live with his cousin, Henry’s violent behavior reaches a boiling point as it’s revealed he killed his younger brother and planned to kill the rest of his family. Frozen lakes always make me tense up. But when Henry attempt to drown his younger cousin, I was going nowhere near snow.

3. Kevin – “We Need To Talk About Kevin”

We Need to Talk About Kevin
Oscilloscope Laboratories

Like “The Good Son,” “We Need to Talk About Kevin” is definitely rooted more so in reality. Every snide comment, every unspeakable act against his mother (Tilda Swinton) makes you feel more and more for her. Kevin’s deeds constantly go unpunished by his father, who is blind to his evil nature. His sociopathic tendencies show us the horror of going without acknowledging a child’s troubling behavior.

2. Isaac – “The Children of the Corn”

Isaac Children of the Corn
New World Pictures

One of the more well-known adaptations from Stephen King features a flock of little hell-raisers. The Children have managed to take over a small town in Nebraska under their leader, Isaac who makes a pact with a demon at the sacrifice of every adult in town. The dead-stare and blind loyalty to “He Who Walks Behind the Rows” makes this kid a reoccurring theme in my nightmares. Isaac’s henchman, Malachi shows no mercy and displays violence that is hard to witness a child commit.

1. Esther – “Orphan”

Esther Orphan
Warner Bros. Pictures

Okay so I know she turned out to actually be an adult woman. But for the entirety of the movie, I wondered how someone so young could be so hateful? Now it makes sense! Esther’s attempts to execute her adoptive mother and hook up with her adoptive father make us watch on in grossed out curiosity and horror. However, the film did such a good job of making her creepy, it did probably stigmatize orphans.

Honorable Mentions

These are just a few kids that can get under your skin, and there’s no way we’d be able to name all of the little devils that wreak havoc on society. But here are a few who almost made the list: Adrien (“Rosemary’s Baby”), the Grady Twins (“The Shining”), Samara (“The Ring”), Regan MacNeil (“The Exorcist”) and Eli (“Let the Right One In”).

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