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This ‘Forrest Gump’ Ticket Stub Thrift Store Find Is Jam-Packed With Nostalgia

Forrest Gump Ticket Stub 1994
Forrest Gump Ticket Stub

1994 was a simpler time. Or so we’re led to believe. People are always saying that about the past, but I’m not so sure that’s how the world actually works. Aren’t things always as complicated as ever, while looking back just makes everything seem quaint in retrospect? At least I hope that’s the way it is, because if I’m wrong, that means there are some very, VERY complicated times ahead.

One thing that IS for sure is that 1994 was a banner year for movies. Check out Roger Ebert’s Top 10 Movies List for 1994 for proof. “Hoop Dreams,” “Pulp Fiction,” and “Quiz Show” are deservingly represented. Not on the list–rather surprisingly I might add–are “Shawshank,” “Leon the Professional,” and “Lion King.” If I had a time machine I’d love to go back and ask Ebert why those particular films didn’t make the cut.

The Academy Award winner for Best Picture “Forrest Gump” made the list, of course, which is part of the reason why this post’s featured photo is so packed with nostalgia.

So let’s bust out the magnifying glass and pour over all the splendid little details.

The ticket stub, dated December 28, 1994, was found in the pocket of a thrift store shirt. Had it not already been apparent, I definitely would’ve assumed the shirt to be flannel. Due to the condition of the ticket, we’ll also assume the shirt hasn’t been washed since 1994. Which is sort of alright if the shirt was immediately put in a closet for 26 years then donated, but who knows how many times it was actually worn before being given away.

Furthermore, how choice would it be to see a flick for $3.25? True, there are plenty of matinee or Tuesday movie deals across the country where you can see a movie for like $5, which is about how much $3.25 is in today’s money, but there’s still something awesome about the thought of walking up to a ticket counter and throwing down just a few singles.

Also, notice the time of purchase: 12:56 for a 12:55 showing. This dude or chick knew how to live a worry-free lifestyle. Going to see a Wednesday matinee of “Forrest Gump” a few days after Christmas and rolling up right when the lights go down. Feels like a Lebowski move.

And how about the date in general? “Forrest Gump” wasn’t a Christmas movie. It released July 6, 1994 as a summer blockbuster. So this flick either stuck around in the theater a LONG time, or it was a second-run theater. Either way that makes this person even MORE like a Lebowski, because he or she took their sweet-ass time getting around to seeing it. Far out.

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