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This Video Exposes How Silent Props Are Made for Movies

Anyone who knows the struggle of making a film knows how important sound design is to its success. An ill-timed sound effect or scratchy dialogue can make all the difference between a home YouTube video and a big-screen event. This video showcases real prop masters and exhibits how silent props are made. Next time you’re trying to film something with a DSLR and a lav mic, maybe remember some of these tips? If I have to watch another film school short where the paper someone is holding is louder than their dialogue, I’m going to have to call LEGO Deadpool to shoot someone.

This video from the Insider YouTube channel consists mostly of an interview with Tim Schultz. He’s worked on shows like “Entourage” as well as films like “Hot Tub Time Machine” as prop master. In the video, Schultz demonstrates how he creates props that won’t interfere with dialogue or other sounds on set. From fabric paper bags to silicone ice cubes, it’s nice to learn once again that everything in Hollywood is fake.

While we may not always like to peek behind the Hollywood curtains, I found this video interesting. Learning how they make silent props for professional movies can help those of us trying to break into the filmmaking scene. Most unprofessional film sets may not have access to vinyl potato chip bags, but some of these tips would work even in film school. Never forget that even Hitchcock used chocolate syrup as blood; improvisation breeds art.

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