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‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ Set Photos Show Us the Love

Thor: Love and Thunder Behind the Scenes
Walt Disney Studios

Taika Waititi isn’t the only name returning for the latest “Thor” installment. Fans were excited to see the return of astrophysicist Jane Foster, played by Natalie Portman. Recently released set photos saw Jane Foster donning a familiar hairdo from “Thor: The Dark World.”

The leaked photos have fans wondering if we will get a flashback scene from “Thor: The Dark World.” Hemsworth is also sporting an older Thor wig as well. Hopefully the flashback will give some insight into what Jane Foster done since half the universe was wiped out.

Details of the plot are still kept under wraps, but with the success of “Thor: Ragnorok,” It’ll be exciting to see what other adventures the God of Thunder will embark upon.

It’ll also be interesting to see how Jane’s character is portrayed in the upcoming film, since the previous “Thor” movies have a much darker and dreary tone. Waititi has brought back levity and fun to the character, and there’s even said to be a cameo from the Guardians of the Galaxy, Melissa McCarthy, and Russell Crowe.

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With a packed cast and noble leader, it’s safe to say “Thor: Love and Thunder” will be the summer fun we’ve been waiting for. The film will premiere July 8, 2022.