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Tom Holland Bulks Up For ‘Uncharted’ To Keep Up With Mark Wahlberg

Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg Uncharted
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Tom Holland didn’t want to “feel like a child” next to co-star Mark Wahlberg, so he kicked his training regimen into overdrive.

In his interview with Total Film Magazine, this issue featuring “Black Adam” on the cover, Holland disclosed his initial insecurities.

When we went to set for the first time, I saw Mark for the first time, and Mark is massive. He is a unit.

Tom Holland

After the set for “Uncharted” was closed due to Covid, the actor took the chance to fill Nathan Drake’s shoes.

We went home for five months, all I did was eat and train, eat and train, eat and train – to put a bit of timber on, to make me look not like a child next to Mark.

Tom Holland

Safe to say whatever Holland did, worked. Nathan Drake is quite a distinguishable character, and it’ll be difficult for Holland to escape his Peter Parker identity. Though the actor seems dedicated enough to dive into this exciting new role.

Mark Wahlberg, once considered for the role of Drake, is stiff competition, an equally dedicated actor. It’ll be interesting to see his take on Sully, Nathan Drake’s mentor. The characters’ chemistry in the teasers hasn’t developed enough for fans to envision the iconic duo from the video games.

We’ll be able to see what Holland can really do in the role, and if he can keep up with Wahlberg when “Uncharted” releases early next year.

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