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Tom Holland Isn’t The Only Spider-Man With A Bright Future After ‘No Way Home’

Sony Pictures

It’s safe to say that “Spider-Man: No Way Home” killed it. It lived up to most people’s expectations (including my own) and delivered on promises made by fans to themselves. How nice of the folks at Marvel to do that for us. If you have not seen “No Way Home,” then you may want to click out of this article as spoilers are ahead (my boss would prefer you click on an ad to leave). 

Now, if you’re one of the cool kids who saw it this weekend and helped the film gross a record breaking $260 million, then let’s discuss some … extensive cameos by certain actors. I’m of course speaking of Garfield and Maguire. Seeing these two as Spider-Man again was surreal in all the right ways. It even helped redeem some of their shortcomings. 

The Garfield installments of the Spider-Man movies are the least revered by fans, but Garfield seemed to have stolen the show. His soft, tormented, and lonely version of Parker was sincere and reminded us that Garfield was a good Spider-Man, even if his movies kinda sucked. 

Maguire was classic, but obviously much older and tired. Both presented Spider-Man in two very different states of his life. Fans’ love of these actors and their takes on the character are at an all-time high right now. Sony has been trying to make Spiderverses happen for a while and the moment could not be better for some Garfield/Maguire centric Spider-Man projects to be announced. So, in summary, I have a Spider-Man 4 script my roommate and I wrote as a meme that we can finally sell now! 

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