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‘Uncharted’ Gets 2nd High Octane Trailer

Full disclosure, I am a giant “Uncharted” fan. I couldn’t count how many times I’ve beaten “Uncharted 2: Among Thieves” if I tried. (I think I stopped keeping track in the mid 30s) So, if there is anyone this film should aim to please, it’s me, and only me. (Imagine Sony, if I bought a ticket as many times as I beat Uncharted 2. You would make thousands! Thousands I say!)  

So, is this film pleasing to the average “Uncharted superfan?” Well, I’ll give it some credit. While the casting is still one of the sore points for this so-called origin film, if these characters act enough like their video game counterparts, then all is forgiven. 

But, if you’re a real connoisseur of the “Uncharted” franchise, then it’s the set-pieces that you’re most interested in. They are the most memorable and fun parts in the games, so the movies just have to do those in live action. It doesn’t matter which ones. They just have to adapt them right. 

The ones shown in the trailers so far are ripped straight out of the games minus one, which they kind of spoiled for all of us in this new trailer. If it were a game, I’d be so hyped to play the Flying Dutchmen section. Alas, it is but a movie and my hopes of their being a PS5 tie-in game have proven futile. So, I’ll just have to settle for this movie when it releases in theaters across the country on Feb 18, 2022.    

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