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Vanessa Redgrave Will Not Appear Alongside Kevin Spacey in New Film

Vanessa Redgrave Kevin Spacey
Vanessa Redgrave Kevin Spacey

The “Kevin Spacey Comeback” film. I’m sure we all expected to hear that phrase at some point. Frankly, the actor has been trying to claw his way back for some time. But were any of us really ready for it to come so soon? Out of all years, why did this have to happen to us now!

Okay, maybe I’m being overly dramatic for what is a cameo role in a film I am not being forced to watch. But the very fact that director Franco Nero went miles out of his way to cast an alleged sexual assaulter in a cameo role as an investigator of sexual assault is clearly provocative and offensive.

Highly acclaimed actress and Nero’s wife Vanessa Redgrave has confirmed she will not appear in her husband’s film “The Man Who Drew God.” Despite talks that she might, and Nero’s own confirmation that she would if scheduling worked out, she will not. 

“Vanessa Redgrave’s name is being included in recent stories relating to the casting of the upcoming film The Man Who Drew God,” her representative stated. “While there have been discussions about the possibility of her joining the cast, she will not appear in the film.”

At this time, it is unclear if this has anything to do with Spacey’s casting. Her representative said she will not comment any further. However, there were lots of comments on Twitter criticizing Redgrave for being in the film.

Nero’s new film is generating a lot of controversy, which may be the entire point. The director must’ve been expecting the response when he announced Spacey joining. With his casting overshadowing every other aspect of the film, perhaps the filmmaker is hoping to use the controversy to stir up interest. Or perhaps he’s trying to send some sort of twisted message nobody really wants or needs to hear. 

In summary, Vanessa Redgrave gone and Kevin Spacey in. So, 2021 can get worse. 

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