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Video Essayist Bears His Heart for Internet to Discuss Grief and Cinema

Entertain the Elk is a fairly popular channel on Youtube. It has been gaining traction from its recent series marking the specific episode in which popular shows either came into their own or met their demise. It also has traditional video essays analyzing meaning within films.

Recently, however, the proprietor of the channel, Adam Tinius, got a bit more personal. Tinius tried to articulate and understand how he coped with his mother’s death through films. He then uses this as a broader platform to discuss how films and fiction can directly impact the way we experience reality.

The oddly personal nature of this video essay makes it especially refreshing and authentic. Perhaps more creators should look inward when analyzing films and other art forms.

The video is great because while it is deeply personal, it will most likely be relatable to any movie lover. Films, and all art forms, are all trying to capture ideas of life, which uniquely allows them to inform or validate our experiences.

Whether it is the joy experienced with others while viewing a comedy, or the comfort you take in a shared pain with a character, films are one of the greatest ways to understand and accept life.

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